Thursday, November 5, 2009

1 week after finals

its been a week since finals..
i'm still doing nothing at house except going out with my secondary and college friends..
felt bored of going out but if not going out what can i do?
don't know what to work as..
my aunt asked me to help her out in the law firm because she do not have enough worker..
but i rejected her offer because I'm afraid that I might able to cope up with law stuff..
since I don't have basic of law matter unless communication law but it's US edition @@
So, at house rest for few more days then gonna find work..
Jeremy, you must go and find a job if not you'll die of laziness..!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

1 week of non-stop studying..

it pays off eventually..
my final isn't as bad that i thought it would be..=)
the most difficult paper is definitely PR..
even tips is given, but still the thing the memorize is a lot..
all about steps, process, tips, and so on..
it takes me few days of nonstop to memorize 80% of it..
but in final time, the overall of the paper is okay except the terms part..
all of us having difficulty in answering it..
but its over..
don't worry about it and enjoy the two months long holiday xD
should i go travel or work?@@

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

its a day to celebrate!

today i finished two subject's exam..
that is: a) Advertising
b) Public Relation

For Advertising paper, it's good and there shouldn't be any prob for the paper..However, for Public Relation it sucks till the max.. the tips that he gave not accurate and yet i read and memorize all of it by using three days non-stop..but it only came out few of its tips and other is not even in the tips..

Overall is one subject for another i guess..

Last paper is on this Friday..
felt anxious because it's writing paper and after that is Holiday!!
good luck for those having finals as well ^^v
work hard ya!
and well,a good night too ^^

Monday, October 26, 2009

We're on NST!

It's the first time that I actually appear in a newspaper (New Sunday Times)..thanks to mr.phang huh?xDtoo bad can't see my face, only my hair and hoodie is recognizable. Here goes the article about INTI's Diploma in Mass Comm

Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 year left in INTI

to be exact, it's 2 semester(8months) more in INTI then i'm done with diploma..
gonna enjoy after done diploma before going for my degree life..
It's been quite sometimes since i updated my blog..
it's quite fun in INTI..
had lots of new friends and i really appreciate them as my friends =)

Now in Sem 4..
the time pass really fast..
as i think back,its only like few days ago

Cheers for everyone!
take care and enjoy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Its been a while

my blog has been dead for quite sometime..
will update it when i had time ^^

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Its been few months..

it has been 1 semester since i truly update my blog..
i had been very busy with my college life..
all the assignments, revision and things to do..
it has totally binded me with..
because of that, i hardly have time for my ownself..
even my result for this sem drop quite alot..
but its better than the result i predicted..
i thought i will fail more than one subject..
rather than failing, i get average result..
although my result dropped, but my socializing skill has greatly improved compare with the nerdy and silent me while in secondary sch..
it's getting quite late..
gonna sleep already..

Last but not least,
Happy Mothers Day to every mothers in this world